Just a quick hello!

Hey guys, you’ve either come here by following a link from my Twitter stream, or stumbled across this whilst perusing the World Wide Web. Either way welcome to my new blog! I’ll probably spend most of my time here chatting about films and television because why break the habit of a lifetime?

Anyways, the main reason this blog exists is because for my university dissertation I’ll be looking at Doctor Who, themes, performance choices, that sort of jazz. So I’ve decided to watch the entirety of the New Series, starting in 2005 with ‘Rose’ and coming right up to the last currently broadcast episode, ‘The Name Of The Doctor’. I’ll be reviewing each episode in the series, though reviewing is probably the wrong word, I’ll be discussing each episode; what works, what doesn’t,  but I’m quite keen on refraining from giving episodes a score; principally because I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was a kid and I don’t believe in disliking any episode.

Well that’s enough of the preamble, enjoy reading!


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